To create an innovative space for young people to come up with new ideas to curb the uprising level of poverty and unemployment amongst the young people in Kenya and Africa as a whole.

About Danaco Media

Danaco Media is a sole-proprietorship and non-political kind of business that was started in November 2014.

The production house was started in Migori County in Migori town which lies in the southern part of Nyanza, Kenya.

The production house was started in Migori County which lies in Southern Nyanza in the former Nyanza Province in Kenya. The Media house was initiated within the informal settlement of Migori town due to insufficient funds to acquire a formal office space within the Central Business District (CBD).

Danaco Media in the beginning attracted a few people due to its location until 2015. However, things changed in mid-2015 when lots of clients began showing interest in Danaco Media due to the quality and professional work as attested to by clients.

The media house has as well stood the test of time due to the fear of God. In the year 2014, Danaco Media was managed and operated by one person and two years down the line we are glad that the media house has so far employed five full-time employees and has also enticed numerous media students from the surrounding universities and colleges for internships.


• Wedding Coverage

• Funeral Coverage

• Church functions

• Productions of audios used by local radio stations

• Songs training, recording and production

• Shooting of comedies

The Need

The idea to come up with Danaco Media came up when I realized that there was a lot of wasted talent among the young people in Migori. I then felt it was important to come up with something to engage the youth hence Danaco Media.


Danaco Media has stood the test of time due to its unique values and standards. The production house is known as a home of spiritual growth being a home for believers. Danaco Media has also attracted big followers on the social media platform whereby over 90%  are men and women of God. The Media house majorly deals in gospel recordings and help promote the word of God at all cost. The media house has received appraisals from different quarters for its good work and courtesy.


In the start, Danaco media only had one employee. So far, the media house has five employees and several attaches.


• To provide employment opportunities for young people

• To open a training institution for film students

• To open a training Institution for film students

• To promote talent among young people