Tunza Radio is a constituent of TUNZA MEDIA INSTITUTE (TMI) that broadcasts in Kiswahili, a language that addresses the diverse nature of it’s surrounding (Migori County) which is cosmopolitan. 

Tunza Media College in it’s vision seeks to provide a flat platform to aspiring journalists as well as Information and Communication Technology (ICT) students who for a long time haven’t gotten the opportunity to face real activity on the ground. Our schedules and programs give opportunities for first-hand training, industrial attachment, and post-training experience.

Our focus is on building individual capacities without discriminating against social backgrounds, financial backgrounds, political backgrounds and other related parameters.

The introduction of Tunza Radio is geared toward providing the youths women and the disadvantaged with an opportunity to practice media, ICT.

Core objectives

Youth Empowerment

Most youths in the community are jobless and can do casual jobs whenever available. A significant number of them do not understand the current technological applications of doing things even though they have the talents that if tapped adequately can be used to address the current status of poverty.

TUNZA MULTIMEDIA CENTRE aims to function as an important media technology hub, providing critical skills that can help youths identify economic opportunities and use the skills they have to make difference in their lives, and their respective communities. We also aim to engage partners to help create opportunities for this group.

We have seen, repeatedly, when politicians use youths inappropriately. As a vulnerable group yet a resourceful one, politicians have misused this group, especially in this region for their own selfish ends. TUNZA MULTIMEDIA CENTRE acknowledges the need to establish a strong platform for youth education, especially as Kenya approaches the 2022 elections. We aim to be ambassadors of peace and we believe that the institution will provide an available platform to transform the mindset of youths.

Women Empowerment

Women in this region are young, mothers in their twenties and thirties. This project targets this group in such a way that we plan to train them on media technology. We also plan to organize seminars and workshops to help them acquire the modern knowledge that they can use in their daily lives to make economic differences.

Most of those women stay at home as housewives waiting for their husbands to bring some food and other basic needs, but sometimes it becomes difficult for the husbands to provide. Therefore through acquiring the knowledge they can be as well be breadwinners.

Empowering the Disabled

Many disabled, and vulnerable persons in the surrounding communities suffer from a considerable lack of survival skills. Some are even forced to engage in activities such as illegal drug peddling. TUNZA aims at training them on Media technology and sensitize this group against being used by others, especially the cartels who abandon them when the police come calling

Social Responsibility

TUNZA MULTIMEDIA CENTRE is planning to create awareness on HIV/AIDS via media to all the community dwellers within the area, teach, and help them know how to deal with this health menace. There is a high prevalence of HIV/AIDS in Migori County and its environs, hence the need to have an institution that can sensitize people on preventive and treatment measures through technology. This will make them know that even though they may be infected, they still have a chance to live normal live s. It will also educate them on how to abstain from sexual affairs outside their marriages and to stop the youths from having unprotected sex.